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We at FASTANDEZAUCTIONS assist the customer in marketing their vehicle by utilizing various auction sites, social media platforms, and search engine optimization.  There are many other things that are done to gain the most exposure as possible and also to get the most Potential Buyers and Offers/Bids as possible and if any client would like to discuss any of those things like Geographic and Territorial placesment online of certain items in certain areas that are known to sell more of an item we're tryin to sell than a different area for example then we're going to start there and move outwards from that area. Feel free to contact us with any questions. 



Welcome to FASTANDEZAUCTIONS where we provide website features, products, and services to market your vehicle (s) or machinery or aircraft or boat etc.... until sold.  We utilize numerous avenues to aggressively market what Privately owned items people are selling in order to get the item or items sold in teh quickest, safest, and most profitable way possible for our clients. OUR CLIENTS BEST INTEREST IS OUR MAIN NUMBER ONE PRIORITY IN ALL AFFAIRS AT FASTANDEZAUCTIONS.


Taxes, registration, transportation, shipping, fuel costs, and inspection of the vehicles.  



Payments are arranged between the seller and their financial institution along with inspection of the vehicle (s).  In addition to this, any seller of an item on this website has the choice to put a hidden reserve or in other words Bottom Dollar, on whatever item or items they're auctioning with FASTANDEZAUCTIONS therefore any person or persons who have the highest bid at the end of the auction, period, does not mean that they have won the item or items being auctioned if it does not hit the reserve and is too far away or the seller chooses to run the auction again or just chooses not to sell what they are auctioning. That choice is theres to make and the buyer will be notified within 48hrs of the end of the auction if they're the highest bidder whether they have won and will be invoiced or they did not win because the Seller has chosen not to sell what the Bidder was bidding on. 



All advertising and marketing packages have a 30 day duration from the day that customer signs up with FASTANDEZAUCTIONS. Our Company Goal is to sell an auction listing within 30 days of signing up because WE have to PAY to RE-LIST that item or items again if it's not sold and we do that until it is sold and it costs a lot of money and time so we try very hard to move your inventory quickly.

FASTANDEZAUCTIONS does not guarantee a sale of any vehicle.  Cancellations are allowed within 72 hours and will be assessed a 25% administration fee.  Any customer or client of FASTANDEZAUCTIONS becomes a client when they are sent their receipt for services. Also known as REGISTRATION FEE for us to market and advertise what you are selling. The 72 hours starts when you are emailed the receipt for that fee. You will have a specific customer ID number that is only for you and is assigned to what you are advertising with us.  and very important to note, we spend a lot of money at the BEGINNING of marketing what it is you're trying to sell so we do not work with a contract and that is for our clients benefit so if you happen to get a buyer who sees your item or you find a buyer outside of our network then you can feel free to sell it to whomever and whenever you would like with no penalty or anything like that. All we ask is that you tell us it's sold so we can remove it from the sites we have it listed on but there is NO REFUND POLICY IN EFFECT past the 72hrs like explained above so if you're lucky enough to get it sold from a neighbor or something like that, the registration fee you paid FASTANDEZAUCTIONS has been spent on marketing efforts already so if you sell it in 9 days and decide to accept that offer from someone you cannot ask for any sort of refund from FASTANDEZAUCTIONS. That is clear and does not differ under any circumstance. You can keep it with us to get a better offer or accept the one you have somewhere else that is your decision but no refunds are given past the 72hrs.



FASTANDEZAUCTIONS knows that you care how information about you is used and shared and we appreciate our customers' trust.  

FASTANDEZAUCTIONS only gathers information the customer gives us.  We utilize the information for purposes as responding to our customers' requests and communicating with our customers.  

FASTANDEZAUCTIONS does not sell our customers' information to others.  

FASTANDEZAUCTIONS like 99% of websites now,  also utilizes cookies. 


We work to protect the security of our customers information by using SSLA Secured 128 bit, which encrypts inputted information.